Fight for Fair Internet: Ending the Delays and Bringing Fairness and Competition Back to Canada’s Telecom Industry


It’s been more than a year since the CRTC corrected rates that competitive internet providers pay to access the country’s networks—rates that directly affect consumer internet pricing. Those rates have still not been implemented. Join us in raising our voices together to challenge these inexplicable delays and ensure competitive internet rates for all Canadians. Fight for what’s fair. Fight for affordable internet.


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We are Canada’s competitive internet service providers. We stand for greater value, better service and more choice for Canadians.


In this op-ed published in The Hill Times entitled "Champagne has opportunity to ensure all Canadians have access to affordable internet", CNOC President and Chair Matt Stein calls on Canada's Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, François-Philippe Champagne, to address the government's commitment to ensuring every Canadian can access affordable internet. Canadians deserve better and Canada’s independent ISPs are the best solution to increasing competition and affordability while bolstering innovation and bridging the digital divide.



In the latest of a string of tactics designed to delay the implementation of the CRTC’s 2019 wholesale rate ruling, in November 2020 the big telecom companies asked the Supreme Court to hear their case against the Commission's mandated rates. This despite the case’s unanimous dismissal by the Federal Court of Appeal earlier this year, in a decision that unequivocally pronounced their claims to have “dubious merit.” The industry now sits waiting to see what will happen – again.

The majority of Canadians believe that the CRTC got it right the first time. In a survey we conducted in partnership with Leger Marketing, we found that 89 percent of Canadians think the large telecom companies should comply with the CRTC’s well thought-out 2019 decision. Once implemented, the ruling will decrease rates for internet access, which is an essential service that allows Canadians to work, study and stay connected from home throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

This white paper looks more closely at the survey results, highlights the lengthy procession of delay tactics the big telecom companies have pursued since the August 2019 CRTC ruling, and dives deep into our Fight for Fair Internet, in which we're calling for an overhaul of the industry in four key areas: choice, fairness, competition and value. Entitled It’s Time to Fight for Fair Internet: End the Delays and Bring Fairness and Competition Back to Canada’s Telecom Industry,” the report highlights the benefits of strong competition in the market.


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What are the issues?

Internet service is more essential today than ever. In spite of this, big telecommunications companies are restricting your choice and making you pay more than you should. They continue to challenge the CRTC’s rate decision, lobbying the government and even taking the issue to court, which has led to unreasonable delays in ensuring fair prices for Canadians. The large providers benefit from an environment that has little competition, and they continue to protect their own interests over those of Canadians.

What’s worse: The government seems to be siding with them. In August 2020, the government released a response to the big telcos’ lobbying, in which they suggested the CRTC take another look at its rates. This is a complete reversal of the government’s commitment to protecting the middle class and its longstanding policy in favour of competition and reasonable pricing.

This can’t go on – Canadians deserve better, and the CRTC needs to stand strong. Innovating Canada’s telecom industry starts with change in four key areas:



Competitive internet service providers want to bring more choice to Canadians. This means greater value, better service, increased innovation – and more Canadians who are satisfied with their service and who feel free to choose a provider that’s right for them.


Smaller internet service providers can’t compete and deliver these benefits without fair rules. Canadians deserve fair pricing and treatment. It’s time to put fair rules in place to allow smaller internet service providers to continue to compete and deliver these benefits to homes and businesses across Canada.


Competition drives prices down and creates worry-free offerings like unlimited access. It forces all providers to improve their service levels and treat their customers better. Canada needs sustainable competition where the large companies don’t have all the power.


Big telecom companies charge Canadians some of the highest rates for internet access in the world. By comparison, competitive internet service providers deliver greater value, better service and more choice. We invest in Canadians and innovate to create new and exciting services that offer more value and utility to everyone.


Canadians pay too much for too little.
It’s time to work together to change that.


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